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What is Principal Component Analysis (PCA)?

Like a Rubik’s cube, datasets have multiple sides which we call attributes or dimensions. PCA is a linear transformation of a dataset.
A Principal Component is the direction of maximum variance in projected data, orthogonal (perpendicular) to all other Principal Components.

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Data Analytics and Storytelling

Storytelling is a form of expression that even predates writing. It is the most effective form of sharing and interpreting experience. But how does this relate to Data Analytics? Surely analyzing data and extracting insights is not an experience, or is it?

A story can be broken down into three phases, although this might seem like an oversimplification:

  • introduction
  • climax
  • conclusion

Now let’s map these phases on to a Dataset and its Analysis.


These are generally straight forward. You start out by declaring your motivation behind exploring the dataset. This could be because of the relevance of the data with…

A Never Ending Horizon — Kellie Churchman

An Ocean of Data

In our times, The Web is easily one of the biggest sources of information. Usually, we just want to consume the information that is being presented to us. But every now and then, we have this urge to explore and analyze data through our own point of view. If you ever feel like this, just know that the information is there at your disposal. You just need to reach out and extract it. Today we will be looking at techniques for extracting information from a website, also known as web scraping.

Oil Refinery

What is Data Wrangling?

Most of the time when you get raw data from a source, it is like crude oil. There has to be a refinement process before you can turn that into anything useful like petrol. Data wrangling is the refinement process that turns data into a format that is usable for downstream tools for extracting insights and analytics.

Understanding PGP

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is an encryption program that can be used to cipher all kinds of files from emails to blocks of text to binary files like audio or images. PGP allows for the use of different encryption algorithms like RSA and DES. However the core idea remains the same; using asymmetric encryption.

Syed Zain Zaidi

Hi, I’m a Software engineer. Most of my time is spent making or learning about BI and AI applications. I’m also a certified Azure AI engineer.

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